Code Projects

I'm passionate about using the Julia Programming Language and coding in general. Here are some of the software projects I developed or at least spent quite a bit of time contributing to:

and you can find me on GitHub as @JonasIsensee.

JLD2 - HDF5-compatible file format in pure Julia

JLD2 is a library for the Julia Programming Language that allows serializing arbitrary[1] data structure in an efficient manner. The resulting files adhere to the HDF5 standard and can be read and analysed using common tools such as h5view or even HDF5-based libraries in other programming languages[2].

[1] Some restrictions on exotic structures apply.
[2] This works naturally for basic types such as numbers, arrays and strings. For complex structures additional work is required.

DrWatson - Reproducible and hassle-free research


DrWatson is a scientific project assistant software. It helps people manage their scientific projects (or any project for that matter).

This started as a collection of small utility tools developed by @datseris and me and has since grown into a mature software with >30 contributors and >300 github stars!

TimeseriesPrediction - Methods of nonlinear dynamics


I developed TimeseriesPrediction for predicting time series using methods from nonlinear dynamics and timeseries analysis as part of my bachelor's thesis. However, currently it is no longer under development.

prediction demo

Results of this work are published in the Journal of Nonlinear Science. See list of publications for more info.

Website built with Franklin.jl and the Julia programming language.